We Are the Lucky Ones

Following work with play

It's just another day

Still it seems safe to say

We are the lucky ones


Colder it seems somehow

When darker falls the hour

Follow me out to see

Are you ready


You make the same mistakes 

That they just made yesterday

Looking around, you're blind

As can be


And standing in the crowd again

You cannot see through

Trampling this, you barely feel

The light won't reach you here


Watching you on your knees

A fragile mind's unease

When wisdom is all you need

To be free


Calling to someone, lost

Kneeling in the waves

Tearing down your refuge

Are you ready

Are you listening

Say I Am

I’ll only ask this once

Twice is once too much

For you to say I am


I watched you fall asleep

And land in lucid dreams

You didn’t say I am

So won’t you say I am


Harvesting thoughts when I can

I’m breezing through life without plans

Not saying I’m a comedian 

But life’s a joke


I’m trying my best to withstand

Society’s pressures on man

I won’t let the shit hit the fan 

And I won’t choke


I’ll only ask this once

Won’t you say I am

So please just say I am

I Won't Be Found

More tired than yesterday

You have dragged me down

This camp's ripped at the seams

I had to flee these grounds


I'll never fit, you see

Because I won't be found

No, I won't be found

You placed your faith in me 

And then we ran aground


I knew that this would be

But I won't say how

I guess I missed something all the way

And I find that now


Footloose, I'm feeling free

And I won't be found

I know I won't be found

You'll find your girl, you'll see 

But she is not me


I have walked where the wind is coldest

I have walked where the wind is closest

Arranging Time

So come and tarnish my thoughts with sound

It’s been good having you around

I’ve been clouded with doubt ‘til now

It’s been good having you


But I stand on my own

On my own

Keep me left alone, stay unknown

I stand on my own

On my own


I’m arranging time


Time won’t save me

Coming Up

Did we not

Do we ever

Spare a thought

Become clever


Are we not

Are we even

Feeling caught

It’s hunting season


Thunder drum, like an earache

Euphoria, heavy breathing

Trapping light, and releasing

I’m coming up

The Lost Waltz

Call it now, call it now

This is a waltz for all things lost

Where it ends, not where it starts

We sing it loud, what's that about


And my head hangs low

My head hangs low


They played this well and called my bluff

Sometimes your best's not good enough

But I'll play again before too long

But play it safe, I'm not that strong


And my head hangs low


Now watch them sink and watch them swim

Then think about how deep you're in

Cloud your mind with other things

Yes, lots of clouds come rolling in


When my head hangs low


So what's the harm in playing the game

The price you pay is mostly shame

Rise again, get on your feet

Shouldn't dwell on a small defeat


Still my head hangs low

Who'd Have Thought

Rushing forth to save me one last time

But the force has drained me, out of line

You must try not to treat me so kind

Who'd have thought your love could stifle mine


Jealousy and doubt not welcome here

I can call you out, my conscience clear

Ride this out with me, beat the fear

Ride it hard and ride it strong, my dear


I don't need this, all I need is time

And I don't feel this, all I feel is fine

Waiting to Hear

Pass me the light 

I think I’ve stumbled on to something big here

I’ve got the life I always dreamed

Was meant for someone unlike me


Cast me a shadow, I can’t see

The sun is burning through my eyes

Lock all the doors and turn the lights down

I’m staying here tonight


And it’s all for the reason

I can’t explain to you

And it’s all for the reason

I live my life for you


I can’t believe myself

I waited all this time

I can’t believe myself

I wasted all this


Keeping me quiet 

Let’s you keep control of your hemisphere

Silencing riots stemmed from grief

You sacrifice impunity


Cause for alarm, I shouldn’t be

You’ve entertained and fought the fight

So lock all the doors and turn the lights down

I’m staying here tonight


I’m waiting to hear a song I know

So I can dance with you

In Truth

You read into the lyrics 

And I see your face fall

It isn't really fair to say

You've given this your all


In life we're care free, in truth we're lost

In love we hope it's not at a cost

In life we're care free, in truth we're lost

In love we hope


You say I should be honest

But I'm not sure that's true

You only ever see my words

Halfway through


And the girl you shared with, every part

Was the girl you never thought would break your heart 

Love me tender forever and never

We were meant to be apart


Take your time with this, I’ll wait here

And take your time with everything, dear

And hold your breath until your mind’s clear

And make this waterfall your last tear 

To ever land on me


I’ve waited, oh I’ve waited long 

For someone who can bring me on

Someone to make me strong


Take your time with this, I’ll be here

And take your time with anything, dear